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Marianne "Annie" Ruth King-Smith began her musical training at the age of 6 in small town Ontario. Her first instrument was the recorder. Quickly discovering that no one ever wants to listen to the recorder, she started playing piano.

After studying with teachers in the Barrie area for 10 years, she was accepted to Carleton University's music program and began the Battle of the Bachelor's Degree. 

It was during this time that Annie discovered her love of improvisation and composition. After graduating, she moved to Toronto to join the swarm of aspiring artists and has not yet left.

She currently lives in the Junction where she resides in a small apartment with her piano, ukulele, violin, accordian and many plants. Together, they spend their days making music for others and for themselves. Except for the plants. The plants just listen.

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Annie is a Canadian composer and songwriter. 

In 2010, she started studying music at Carleton University. During this time, this classical pianist branched out into vocal training, songwriting, composing, improvising and had the chance to study with songwriters and performers such as Meagan Jerome, Giselle Minns and Juno winner Jesse Stewart. Annie graduated from the program in 2014 with an honours degree in music performance and composition. 

Currently she’s working on an EP for her solo project, Marianne Ruthless. She has previously written music for short film and animation projects. 

Collaborating with others on larger scale projects is a passion of Annie’s. She believes it’s by working together that people manage to create magic through art, and how they turn the creative process into an enjoyable one. 

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Toronto, ON, Canada


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